5 Iconic Retro Puzzle Games You Can Play Here on PlayRetro!

Browsing through old collections and archives? Look no further if you are searching for a hit of that good ol’ nostalgia! 5 Iconic Retro Puzzle Games You Can Play Here on PlayRetro! large

The evolution of games has come a long way with the advancement in technology. In terms of graphics, gameplay, and other gaming aspects, there’s no denying the fact that games from the past seem just as enjoyable today as they were back in the day. That being said, you may find yourself yearning for some of the most classic retro puzzle games that really inspired and gave rise to modern puzzle games.


When you think of retro games, without a doubt, Tetris will pop-up at the top of your mind. It has such a simple concept, and yet, has managed to capture the attention and delight of many players for several decades now. The core mechanics of the game has not changed much over the years - lining up various shapes of blocks to fill up the grid perfectly and remove them - which goes to show how well the game works on every level. If you are looking for some Tetris-like games to play, how about checking out the challenging Tetris Fun, or Super Tetris, which is a pretty solid game that is packed with intricate features such as combos, total lines made, and so on.

Pipe Dream/Pipe Mania

Next up is a unique puzzle game, Pipe Dream, which game mechanics should be familiar to a lot of people. Basically, your objective is to adjust each individual section of a large network of pipes to enable the liquid to flow from the start till the end. Nowadays, you can find a bunch of games following the same concept, but with their own twist or flair added to make things more interesting. Try out Pipeline 3D Online to experience this retro game in a 3D format! You might also want to give Happy Farm: Make Water Pipes a shot, which challenges you further by giving you multiple objectives to complete at each level!

Tapper (1983)

Moving on, there is Tapper which is a pretty exciting retro game as well. In this one, your goal is to serve beers to the customers as quickly as you can. In order to do so, you will have to move between a few different lanes while trying to keep the demanding customers at bay by making sure they get their beer in due time. If this is what you are looking for, check out Viking's Tavern where you get to experience the rowdy atmosphere of a Viking tavern. On the other hand, Cute Forest Tavern gives you a more calming environment that is closer to nature, with a slice of fantasy!

Minesweeper (1990)

This next item on the list is Minesweeper (1990) a game that likely resides in the mind of many as one of the very first games they have played on a computer. It was initially intended as a fun “tutorial” for people to learn the basics of mouse controls back in the day. What it comes down to is the player has to tread through an entire grid of blocks while attempting not to “step” on a mine in the field. For this type of retro game, you can always give Minesweeper Mania or Minesweeper 3D a shot!

Sokoban (1982)

Lastly, there is Sokoban which is a relatively more obscure title compared to the others above. However, this does not take away from it being highly addictive and incredibly engaging gameplay. The best way to explain Sokoban is to go back to its roots, where it is basically a game about tidying up a storehouse or warehouse, pushing crates and items to their respective spots with as little effort as possible. Check out The Haunted Mansion and Sokoban for some of that Sokoban goodness!

All things considered, each and every one of the aforementioned games are absolutely worth checking out due to how authentic they feel. Needless to say, we highly recommend giving these games a shot if you ever get the chance.